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Name:SWP-400/630 CRUSHER


This type of machine is mainly used to crush thin-wall plastic pipes,special-shaped plastic materials.To those long objects,they needn't to be cut short and can be fed to the crusher directly in one time.The crusher will continuously break them automatically.

400 type is suitable to break shaped plastics with the diameter below 150mm.630 type can crush shaped plastics or special-shaped plastics which the diameter is below 200mm.It also can break plastic boards thinner than 25mm.This machine is epuipped with blowing transporting device.It is an ideal breaker for its easy operation and maintenance.

Main technical data

Technical Data SWP-400 SWP-630
Blade shaft diameter mm 400 630
Movable blade number 5 5
Fixed blade number 2 2
Mesh diameter mm 10 10-12
Feeding hole diameter mm 400×300 500×420
Crushing capability kg/h 400-450 700-800
Motor power kw 15 22
Size mm 2220×900×1800 2700×1300×2860
Weight kg 1500 3500

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