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Qingdao Dongfeng Rubber & Plastics Machinery Factory is a specialized manufacturer.Its plastics and rubber crushers and grinders mainly cover SWP,DJSP,DFSP,DGSP,XMF,SMF 6 series & 60 specifications.SJ series hard and soft pipe processing machines and granules processing machines have more than 30 specifications.

This factory has a long history and strong technical ability.The company continuously learn advanced technology from abroad and invent new products for customers.Now the factory enjoys 4 state patents and won several state prizes.The products are welcomed in the domestic markets and ...

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  • Tel :0532-87250188
  • Tel :0532-87250188、87251283
  • Fax : 0532-87251283
  • Legal representative :Xiao Yuxian
  • Linkman:Factory Leader He
  • P.C.:266300
  • Add :No.24, Gaozhou Road, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, Shandong, China

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